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Don’t Be Fooled by Cuffing – Divorce Lasts Longer Than Marriage

By Sheryl Rentz on January 8, 2018

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During the summer, people generally want to be single and free; but once it gets cold, singles feel the need to settle down and find someone to be with for the winter months. “Cuffing season” refers to this time of year when people desire relationships. Although it sounds like a joke, it’s actually scientifically proven that humans want to mate during the colder months. Since it gets darker quicker, this activates your melatonin, which makes your sleepier and lazier. Ultimately, you would rather be inside having intimate interaction instead of going out and being around a lot of people. Read the rest »

Making Blended Families Work with a Prenup

By Sheryl Rentz on September 11, 2017

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Prenuptial agreements are more than just plot points in your favorite dramas or lyrics in your favorite Kanye West song. They may have a “bad” reputation in the media, but in real life, they could be your answer to finding stability. Read the rest »

Are Cohabitation Agreements the New Prenup?

By Sheryl Rentz on August 24, 2017

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Many of us can recall a time where we happily moved in with a significant other, thinking it would last forever.

However, when the relationship took a turn for the worse, you were stuck in a very sticky situation. Who moves out? Both paid for the furniture, so who gets it?

As more couples decide to live together before getting married, they are opting to sign cohabitation agreements to avoid the headache of a messy breakup. Read the rest »

Alfred Angelo Bridal’s Closing and the State of Marriage

By Sheryl Rentz on July 17, 2017

bride's necklace and wedding dress

Last week, many Pennsylvania brides-to-be were shocked to discover that Alfred Angelo Bridal Shop, which operates more than 60 stores in the United States, had abruptly closed its doors. Women were left waiting outside stores in hopes that the dresses they had already ordered and paid for were in stock, but many of them were out of luck. While the number of distressed brides is unfortunate in itself, Alfred Angelo’s closing raises another disconcerting question. Does the closure of one of the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers of wedding dresses say something about the state of marriage in Pennsylvania and the United States? Read the rest »

Did You Get a Wedding Dress on July 15?

By Sheryl Rentz on July 16, 2017

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Attention, brides-to-be: July 15th was National Bridal Sale Day, and over 850 stores participated in nearly every state and Canada. All participating stores offered dresses at a fraction of the usual cost, helping brides get their dream dresses at affordable prices.

In addition to saying yes to the dress, you should consider other important steps to take when getting ready for the big day. Talking to an attorney before your wedding can ease many of the fears you may have. An attorney can also put together legal documentation to protect you. Read the rest »

Wife of Billionaire Asks to Void Prenup

By Sheryl Rentz on September 22, 2014

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All divorces have the potential to become messy and stressful. This is especially true in a high-profile divorce cases involving millions and even billions of dollars. In one such divorce case, the wife of a multibillionaire hedge fund manager is asking a judge to dismiss her prenuptial agreement. If successful, she could have much greater access to her husband’s $5 billion-plus fortune instead of the one percent she is eligible for through the prenuptial agreement. If the prenuptial agreement stands, she will receive an estimated $50 million. Read the rest »

The Truth about Pre-marital Agreements

By Sheryl Rentz on January 17, 2013

Romantic love is not a guarantee of future happiness. Pre-marital agreements may not be romantic, but they can protect assets of couples entering into a marriage or a cohabitation arrangement. Family law attorneys are not match makers. What they can do is safeguard one’s assets should the romance end.

What is a Pre-marital Agreement?

Pre-nuptial agreements can also be called pre-nuptial agreements or ante-nuptial agreements. A pre-marital agreement is a legal document agreed upon, signed, and entered into prior to a couple’s marriage. Legal pre-cohabitation agreements can also be legal contracts that work in much the same way for couples who do not plan to be married. Read the rest »

The Business Side of Marriage: Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for You?

By Sheryl Rentz on March 5, 2012

When a couple gets engaged, it is a time to celebrate and eventually begin planning for the big walk down the aisle. This can include decisions on where the wedding will be held, what flowers to display, the kind of cake that will be eaten and … whether or not to get a prenuptial agreement? Though discussing a prenuptial agreement, also known as a premarital agreement or prenup, seems very unromantic and can make a partner feel like the other thinks the relationship will end, having one drafted may actually be quite sensible and is growing in popularity.

A recent poll indicates that three-quarters of divorce lawyers reported an increase in prenuptial agreements over the last five years, according to With an estimated 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce in the U.S., discussing this option with your future spouse may help avoid a great deal of stress in the future. Read the rest »

Why Pennsylvania Couples Should Consider a Pre-Marital Agreement

By Sheryl Rentz on May 18, 2011

A pre-marital agreement in Pennsylvania is a contract that clarifies what will happen to certain assets and what each party may or may not receive in the event of a divorce. Although many people shy away from pre-marital agreements; which are often referred to as pre-nuptial agreements or prenups; making such an agreement doesn’t mean you love your partner any less. A recent Huffington Post article offered several reasons why you and your partner or future spouse should consider entering into a Pennsylvania pre-marital agreement, including:

  • Getting to know how your spouse handles money. From a business perspective, a marriage is about combining your assets with another person’s – much like partners who go into business together. Just like business partners, you and your partner can learn a great deal about what matters and how you each handle money by talking through money matters you want (or do not want) to cover in a prenup. Read the rest »

If You Own a Business in Pennsylvania, Consider a Pre-Marital Agreement before Marriage

By Sheryl Rentz on April 29, 2011

Forbes featured an article recently discussing how divorce can complicate ownership of a business, especially if the business’ value increased during the marriage. This value will typically be included in the marital assets that will need to be divided between former spouses after a business valuation in Pennsylvania is conducted. However, there are a few steps a person can take to protect the business during the divorce if they consider the business to be their separate property or if they have a greater stake in the business and may avoid having a business valuation be necessary.

Separate and marital property can be extremely complicated, but usually, one person will be entitled to a certain percentage of the other person’s business, despite whether they directly contributed to growing it or not. One of the most advantageous steps a person can take to protect their business during their divorce is to already have a pre-marital agreement in place before the marriage starts. In the agreement, details regarding both peoples’ property rights as well as other expectations would be described if the need to divorce arises. Read the rest »

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