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Every case that comes into our office, Sheryl R. Rentz handles personally. We are not a high-volume firm, so we can give more attention to our clients – and that translates to better results, as well as peace of mind. We have assisted clients in dealing with contentious communications from ex-spouses, gaining more meaningful custody of their children, hiring business consultants and getting true valuations of their net worth, and of course, in getting equitable settlements in divorce proceedings.

We can’t promise the process will be fast, but your long-term rights, as well as your financial and emotional health, come first. Contact us at (610) 645-0100 to set up your free consultation.

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I recently adopted my son, who was born in South Korea. Before making a choice I asked family and friends if they could recommend a good, honest and reliable attorney who had experience with international adoptions. My sister, who worked in Domestic Relations, recommended Sheryl.

Sheryl was the perfect person for us. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and explained every step of the process to me and my son. She is very sweet and personable, and her kindness and gentleness helped my son feel more relaxed and confident about the process.

What could have been a worrisome process was actually very smooth and flawless.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Sheryl and Linda, her paralegal for a job well done!

- J.R.


I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me. I appreciate your kindness and acceptance of my “slow growth pattern,” and the patience and encouragement you so often showed me to help me grow. You’ll be pleased to know I have reached the point where I have informed the other party that I will not read any communication that begins to be unacceptable, vile, or punitive. The material will be deleted immediately. I’ve done it already and it feels great. If he has family information, it must be relayed in a civil and acceptable tone.

You did that. And I know, as do your other clients, that you are far more than an attorney. I was so incredibly fortunate to walk into your office.


- N.W.

After my first meeting with Sheryl, it was obvious I had made the right decision having her handle my divorce. Not only did Sheryl carefully explain my options, but she competently guided me through the many issues which developed during the process. With Sheryl's advice I was able to negotiate my settlement without going to court. I found Sheryl to be highly professional and readily available to answer my questions. Additionally, she provided me with compassionate and emotional support, which was extremely important to me. I would definitely recommend Sheryl to anyone seeking a divorce attorney.

- E.

Sheryl is amazing! She responds timely to emails, and extremely responsive to phone calls and text messages. This was a painless and quick divorce process. I highly recommend her!

- S.R.

Dear Mrs. Rentz,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shadow you today. It was a great experience and taught me a lot about what it it takes to become a lawyer, as well as showing me how much you really help people through law. It was a wonderful experience to be able to see a real attorney in action, and to see the processes of early stage custody/support conferences. Thank you again for letting me shadow you, it was a pleasure to work with you today.


- P.W.

P.S. I'll miss Carlye Rose

Sheryl and her staff were caring and concise. She made the divorce process as simple as possible for both parties involved while making sure that I was protected. She was readily available at all times and extremely knowledgeable. Divorce is scary for a working, new Mom and she made it manageable. I can't thank her enough.

- R.S.

Sheryl is the BOMB!!! I had a High Conflict Custody from hell. Sheryl got me. custody back after almost 2 yrs of battling!
She helped me keep custody and negotiate A Peace for Our Family.
Sheryl is a Family Lawyer!

- L.W.

Sheryl Rentz is a highly competent family practice attorney. Her attention to detail, ability to fairly assess a situation, sense of empathy, and professionalism have influenced me to refer her to friends and family.

- L.

Sheryl really cared about me and my wellbeing. 1 in a million lawyer.

- A.S.

Sheryl went above and beyond for me right from the start. I had to get an emergency PFA at midnight, and the next morning I called her having read some of these reviews. I was scared, I had no idea what to do; Sheryl was so kind and reassuring, I hung up the phone after speaking to her just once and actually had hope. She ended up breezing through my case flawlessly, couldn't ask for more attention to detail and communication from an attorney. She made me feel safe and protected the entire time. I could not imagine anyone better.

- Anonymous

I could not begin to describe the level of competency, caring and genuine niceness that Sheryl offers her clients. I feel very fortunate to have found her and have recommended her whenever someone found themselves in need of serious help. What is so unusual about Sheryl is that she gets right to the heart of the matter and sees the path to success quickly and clearly. She does not give up and is extremely prepared in all areas of domestic relations. She also has experts at her disposal when necessary. Her staff is terrific as well.

- B.

I thought I had a difficult case. But after meeting with Sheryl, she broke down the case we will prepared step by step. I was prepared for court and I won. Exactly what I wanted. I was confident in her ability.

- Anonymous

couple hugging

Sheryl Rentz is attentive and compassionate. She is sensitive to billing, and as such, will try to be diligent in the use of her time. My divorce was complicated and Sheryl understood the process and worked hard to inform me of my options as well as work through the process. She was responsive and made herself available to accommodate my schedule.

- M.D.

She is very helpful and good in what she does. She was my lawyer for the last 2 years and she was there for me whenever I needed her in a professional manner.

- H.S.W.

I have used this attorney Sheryl Rentz for my divorce. I give her the most ratings for a lawyer. I get monthly reports on time and I read her extremely high for honesty and prompt service. I highly recommend this lawyer.

- J.V.

Sheryl represented me in a compassionate and professional manner. She was responsive and made herself available to me via phone and email, at times outside of regular business hours. My divorce was complicated and at times contentious, and Sheryl's high standards, attention to detail, and courtroom presence, coupled with her adherence to professional and personal ethics were important contributors to the resolution of many issues. I highly recommend Sheryl Rentz.

- C.H.

Thank you Sheryl and Linda,

I appreciate all the help that you have given me over the past year. I only wish I had you guys sooner.

- J.M.

Dear Sheryl,

I just want to say that you have literally saved my life. I really mean this, for I really don't know how much longer I could have gone on in such pain and fear. In fact, for the first time in over five years I am awakening, not to paralyzing fear and anxiety, but to a sense of renewed hope and strength. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now and that I can truly begin to live my new life.

So all that being said, I again thank you from the bottom of my heart. My family and friends thank you too. You have given me my life back. You are truly an amazing attorney, but more importantly and amazing human being!

- S.M.

looking at a tablet

Dear Sheryl,
I just wanted to thank you for today again. I don't know how I would have managed without your expertise but more importantly your compassion for my case. You are truly a remarkable person and I am so glad that we are in this together. I look forward to talking with you again on what is our next move and strategy. Thanks again.

- Sue

"I was a very involved and concerned parent of three girls. Their mother wanted to restrict my time with my girls. Sheryl believed in me and I now have shared physical custody. I thank her."

- Jim in Collegeville, PA

"I wanted to have a quick but fair divorce. She worked effectively and efficiently and accomplished my two objectives"

- Leslie in Blue Bell, PA

"I own numerous businesses and I wanted to retain ownership and control of all of them. Sheryl hired business valuator and I was not required to sell any of my businesses."

- Business Owner in Chester County, PA

"She explained the entire custody process to me and what I should expect. There were no surprises and the results were as she predicted. She was right on"

- Mother in Montgomery County, PA

"My first attorney was unable to finalize my divorce. I switched attorneys and within a few months I was divorced with a fair settlement."

- Tom in Montgomery County, PA

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"My husband told me he would never give me a divorce or pay me a cent. Sheryl explained to me that it would be a long process but I would be divorced with an equitable settlement. She was with me the entire way and now it is finally over."

- Wife in Chester County, PA

"I needed to get out of my house without losing any custodial rights. She handled it. I left and see my children on a regular and consistent basis."

- Father in Delaware County, PA

"I earn considerable more than my spouse. Sheryl explained child support, spousal support and alimony. Together we did calculations she was within a $1 of the court ordered amount. Sheryl understands the law and the system."

- David, Bucks County, PA

"...On her website, she is described as fearless; it's my belief that this is an accurate description. I would not hesitate to call her again..."

- Tom in Ambler, PA

On behalf of my kids & I, thank you so much for ALL your help & due diligence during these difficult moments.

You are like an angel!!

Thank You!!

- Anonymous

Sheryl is professional, to the point and an excellent guide and litigator. Highly recommended for divorce related matters.

- B.B.

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