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Custody Evaluations and How To Prepare for Them

By Sheryl Rentz on January 22, 2024

A wooden mom and child with a gavel separating the wooden dad and child.

During divorce and child custody disputes, a custody evaluation is a major factor that can significantly influence the final decision. This evaluation plays a key role in determining the best interests of the child and helps courts make informed decisions about custody arrangements. Read the rest »

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Grounds for Divorce Part 1: Willful and Malicious Desertion

By Sheryl Rentz on December 20, 2023

Two wedding bands on divorce papers with two hands

Deciding to end a marriage is a significant and often complex decision. Pennsylvania law has statutory provisions that recognize both no-fault and fault-based divorce grounds. Fault-based divorce grounds include: Read the rest »

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Unique Difficulties for LGBTQ+ People Going Through Divorce

By Sheryl Rentz on November 6, 2023

Someone taking off their wedding ring.

Going through a divorce can be a challenging and complex process, especially for LGBTQ+ couples in Pennsylvania. There are several unique factors to consider, such as state laws, legal recognition, parental rights, property division, and the importance of social and emotional support. It’s crucial to understand these aspects to navigate the process successfully. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to speak with a knowledgeable Montgomery County LGBTQ+ divorce attorney about protecting your rights and assets. Read the rest »

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Understanding the Challenges of Gray Divorce (After Age 50)

By Sheryl Rentz on October 8, 2023

An older and grey haired couple sits on opposite sides of a couch.

Divorce isn’t easy at any age, but it presents unique challenges after a certain age. When older couples divorce, you may have been together for a long time. At this point, it’s daunting to start over and set out on your own.

Your lives are deeply connected, and there are many difficult adjustments you will have to make. In addition to the emotional strain, divorce also creates financial insecurity. It’s important to start developing new plans for your future. Read the rest »

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Our Family Wizard Co-Parenting App Improves Communication

By Sheryl Rentz on September 21, 2023

Parents sitting in front of paper with their young child.

Even under the best circumstances, raising kids after a separation isn’t easy. Modern life is chaotic, and it can be challenging to arrange everyone’s schedules, including your children’s drop-offs and pick-ups from school, sports practice, extracurricular activities, and more. Read the rest »

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Pennsylvania Divorce News: Pet Custody and Very Low Rates

By Sheryl Rentz on August 20, 2023

Golden Retriever and British Shorthair accompany their owner

Pennsylvania divorce laws and trends are constantly changing. Lawmakers recently introduced a bill to make pet custody a part of Pennsylvania divorce cases. Representative Anita Astorino Kulik introduced House Bill 1108. If passed by the legislature, this proposed legislation will allow for divorce proceedings to resolve matters pertaining to pet custody. The bill proposes that Pennsylvania establish the following factors for family court judges to consider in deciding custody of pets: Read the rest »

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7 Things To Do When You’ve Been Told Your Partner Wants a Divorce

By Sheryl Rentz on July 20, 2023

Signing a divorce, marriage dissolution documents and agreement. Wife and husband hands, wedding rings and legal papers for signature on a wooden table, lawyer office

Most people enter into marriage with the idea of a lifetime commitment. When your partner says they want a divorce, it can be a shock and emotionally overwhelming. We offer a step-by-step guide on what to do immediately after this difficult revelation. By taking these steps, you can protect your rights, make informed decisions, and navigate the divorce process more effectively. Read the rest »

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Why Might a PA Judge Decline a Divorce?

By Sheryl Rentz on June 28, 2023

Court of Law and Justice Trial Session: Impartial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, striking Gavel. Focus on Mallet, Hammer.

A marriage can only be dissolved through a divorce decree entered by the court. Although it is not common, there are some circumstances under which a Pennsylvania family court judge may decline a divorce. If you are facing divorce, it is important to seek professional guidance from an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney. Read the rest »

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Congratulations to the 2023 Winners of the Key to a Bright Future Scholarship!

By Sheryl Rentz on June 20, 2023

Two graduates in cap and gowns are walking up a long staircase and we see the cloudy but bright blue skies in front of them.

Sometimes, you just can’t make up your mind. This year’s finalists for the Key to a Bright Future Scholarship were so impressive that we finally just decided to go ahead and reward all three of them with a $500 college scholarship. Read the rest »

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Our 2023 Key to a Bright Future Scholarship Finalists!

By Sheryl Rentz on June 12, 2023

Graduation caps and a rolled up diploma

We really enjoyed reading the essays for our $500 college scholarship. This year’s Key to a Bright Future Scholarship essay topic was dedicated to your hopes and dreams for the future. We asked students to tell us about the steps you are going to take to turn your dreams into reality. Read the rest »

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