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Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer Retainer Fee

What is a Retainer Fee?

After an initial consultation is conducted, a client typically puts down a lump sum of money for a divorce lawyer’s legal services. Once the divorce case has been concluded, the lawyer takes from the retainer his or her due pay, the amount of which may depend on the length and complexity of the case. The retainer may or may not cover the total costs of services provided. If the retainer exceeds the client’s legal fees, then the client receives the remainder. The total costs of a client’s legal fees are determined by the particular circumstances of his or her case. For example, if an agreement is made in a timely manner between spouses, legal fees may be lower than they would be if the case went to litigation.

How are Retainer Fees in Pennsylvania Calculated?

Attorneys who require retainer fees generally charge on an hourly basis. A divorce attorney’s work for a case may include writing draft letters and memos, filing motions and petitions with the court, investigating the details of the case, spending time in court hearings, making phone calls, exchanging e-mails, and so on. During a consultation, an attorney gauges the complexity of a case and then prices their retainer using their discretion. The general rule of thumb is the more contentious a client’s divorce is, the higher the retainer amount will be.

Can I Have My Retainer Covered?

In most cases, each spouse is responsible for paying their own retainer fee. However, a client may request an award of temporary counsel fees from the judge, if liquid assets are available to the spouses and a Divorce Complaint has been filed. Alternatively, a client may request an interim award of attorneys’ fees through an alimony pendente lite action.

Providing Quality Legal Services for a Fair Price

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