Montgomery County Family Law Attorneys

Sheryl R. Rentz and her legal team operate out of our office in Montgomery County, PA to help clients resolve their legal family matters. For many years, we have handled cases involving all types of domestic relations issues, including alimony, annulment, bankruptcy, child custody and support, divorce, mediation, property division, and more. We also have the extensive knowledge and resources needed to take on high profile divorce cases, which generally involve a large amount of assets and sophisticated financial considerations.

Divorce can be a difficult process fraught with emotions. However, a clear head is needed to make all the important decisions that come up during a divorce. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania divorce attorney Sheryl R. Rentz can provide you with informed legal counsel that’ll help you keep your rightful assets and preserve your relationship with your children. To learn more about your options in a free consultation, please call (610) 645-0100 for valuable legal advice on your case.

Handling Complicated Pennsylvania High Profile Divorce Cases with Sensitivity

A run-of-the-mill divorce attorney may be able to competently represent clients in smaller divorce cases; however, only an attorney who possesses an exceptionally deep and nuanced understanding of divorce law can handle high profile divorce cases, which are often extremely complex affairs. Sheryl R. Rentz is not afraid to tackle difficult financial issues (stock options, employee benefits, etc.), extensive processes concerning the division of assets, alimony and spousal support considerations, and other matters that are exclusive to high profile cases.

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Exploring All Viable Options to Find the Best One

Not all divorce cases are alike. In some cases, the spouses may still be on amicable terms, desiring the most efficient and agreeable way to end their marriage. Other divorce cases may be extremely contentious and the two spouses may disagree on every family issue, making out-of-court negotiations improbable and a trial necessary. Whatever your case may be, Attorney Sheryl R. Rentz will accommodate your goals and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Whether your divorce case can be resolved through mediation or must go to trial, Rentz will be behind you all the way, making sure you understand your status and options through consistent communication.