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Wife of Billionaire Asks to Void Prenup

By Sheryl Rentz on September 22, 2014

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All divorces have the potential to become messy and stressful. This is especially true in a high-profile divorce cases involving millions and even billions of dollars. In one such divorce case, the wife of a multibillionaire hedge fund manager is asking a judge to dismiss her prenuptial agreement. If successful, she could have much greater access to her husband’s $5 billion-plus fortune instead of the one percent she is eligible for through the prenuptial agreement. If the prenuptial agreement stands, she will receive an estimated $50 million.

This could result in the largest divorce settlements in the United States. According to an ABC News report, the woman is asking for a dismissal of the prenuptial agreement because she signed it under duress. She allegedly only signed the agreement three hours before the rehearsal dinner after seeking guidance from a psychologist whom her husband had a previous professional relationship with. She believes that she did not have enough time to carefully consider the agreement and that she would not have signed it if she had more time to consider it.

Extensive experience is needed in a high profile divorce case such as this one. In addition to the common difficulties inherent in family law matters and divorces, individuals involved in a high profile divorce have complications such as high salaries, agents, media involvement, publicists and unusual financial arrangements to content with. These complications can all contribute to make the divorce proceedings more stressful and challenging.

A team approach is often needed in these types of cases so that the needs of the clients are met quickly and efficiently. With multiple experienced attorneys involved, there is a much better chance that the client can receive immediate help and guidance at the moment he or she needs it. The elements of the case can change quickly and clients deserve to know what is happening as soon as possible.

Each case is unique and requires special attention. If you are progressing towards a divorce or find yourself already caught up in the proceedings, you should reach out right away to discuss your rights and options. Your assets, reputation and future are on the line.

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