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No one enters into a marriage or a civil union expecting the partnership not to last. But with the stress of modern times and the demands of career and family weighing so heavily on a couple, a once blissful relationship may begin to crack and crumble under the mounting tensions. When faults begin to show in a marriage or civil union, most couples will make a concerted effort to mend the cracks through counseling and other means. Sometimes this works, often it does not. Unfortunately, the time may arrive when a relationship has become too damaged to repair, or a couple has grown so far apart that neither partner is interested preserving it.

If you and your spouse are considering filing for divorce, you're going to need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to guide you through this complicated and often contentious process. For over twenty years, Attorney Sheryl R. Rentz has been representing Montgomery County clients as they end one chapter of their lives and enter a new one. Ms. Rentz is licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For a free consultation, call the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, P.C. at (610) 645-0100 or (866) 290-9292.


I've Decided to End My Marriage, What is My First Step?


I've Gathered All the Documents, Now What?

Your next step is the most important one you'll take during the divorce process: finding a qualified and tenacious Montgomery County, PA divorce lawyer who is experienced with the divorce statutes in your state. While a marriage may be an emotional and spiritual arrangement, it is ultimately a legal and business arrangement. No matter how amicable your breakup has been up to this point, not having an objective legal mind at your side during the divorce process can change everything. This is particularly the case when issues involving children are involved, because discussion can become emotional very quickly.


At Fault Divorce vs. No Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania

Next, you will need to decide how you want to end your marriage. Did you and your spouse simply grow apart, stop communicating, evolve differently, or just lose your passion for each other? In such a case where both parties agree that ending the marriage is in their best interests, no fault or uncontested divorce may be the best way to go. If, on the other hand, one or both spouses blame the other for the ending of the marriage, at fault or contested divorce may be the way to go. At fault divorces are usually the result of an act or situation that a marriage can't recover from, such as adultery, abuse, desertion, or a alcohol, drug, or gambling addiction.

Why Do I Need a Montgomery County Divorce Attorney?

Because divorce is a very serious matter that should be handled by a professional we suggest that you have legal representation even if your divorce is seemingly neutral. Having the legal peace of mind has meant a significant amount of security to our clients over the years. We have seen several cases involving divorces without proper legal representation that have left the party without rights, paying fees over the course of their life and losing custody or even visitation rights to their children.

The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz can see you through the entire Pennsylvania divorce process and make sure you end up with the best settlement possible. Call us today for a free consultation at (866) 290-9292.

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