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Child Paternity in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

father holding young son Sometimes, in a relationship in which children have been born, the paternity of one or more of the children is called into question. The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, P.C. can help you navigate the difficult process of assuming paternal rights, genetic testing, or paternal determination by a jury. Questions of paternity can be emotionally taxing and legally confusing. You need an experienced Montgomery County, PA paternity lawyer on your side to do what is right for your children.

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Responsible Fatherhood

If you are the mother of a child or children whose paternity is in question, you may be heartbroken, but you do not have to be defeated. If you know it is his child or children, he needs to be responsible and pay child support, regardless of the state of your relationship. A focused and caring lawyer can help you recover the support owed to your children.

As a man, sometimes a cheating or untrustworthy partner can make it impossible for you to know for sure whether the child or children are actually yours. Genetic testing may be the answer if you suspect a former partner is taking advantage of you. Alternatively, if you know you are the father, you have a right to see, or possibly have custody of, your children. An experienced attorney can help you safeguard those child custody rights in Montgomery County, PA. Call the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz at (610) 645-0100 to discuss your paternity matter.

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Assumed Paternity, Genetic Testing, and Jury Determination

You can avoid genetic testing if the supposed father knows the child or children are his own or chooses to assume responsibility as though they were his own by signing a written affidavit. You should always consult legal counsel before signing anything to ensure you look after all of your child's best interests.

Genetic testing is sometimes necessary for determining paternity when the opposing parties disagree on the facts of the relationship. Genetic testing is the most dependable way of determining paternity and often settles questions of paternity.

Genetic tests are not always conclusive to 99 percent or better. Sometimes, a jury will need to decide paternity. The jury will weigh both sides of the story and decide whether the man is responsible for the welfare of the children.

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Family Law Attorney Sheryl R. Rentz Is Here for You and Your Children

Paternal rights and responsibilities are a sensitive topic for any family. You need to know the true nature of the parental responsibilities of all involved so everyone can move forward with their lives. Call experienced and sympathetic Montgomery County, PA family law attorney Sheryl R. Rentz at (610) 645-0100 to help put your paternity questions to rest.

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