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Why Mediation May Be the Future in Family Law

By Sheryl Rentz on May 22, 2012

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which aims to assist two parties in reaching a formal legal agreement. Though mediation was at first slow to catch on in the state of Pennsylvania, this type of dispute resolution provides an effective way to handle cases that fosters healthier communication between the parties involved. Mediation is growing as an alternative practice to things like standard litigation or arbitration because it allows parties to make their own decisions and assist in creating an agreement. The Pennsylvania Council of Mediators notes that mediation is based on the belief that “the parties themselves are best able to define the issues and generate options leading to a solution that responds to their own needs.”

To illustrate the benefits of mediation, consider divorce and child custody matters, which typically involve parties whose communication may have greatly diminished and may have become very negative by the time the specific matter reaches litigation. Mediators can assist the parties in changing the tone of their interaction and communication to enable them to make constructive and positive decisions for themselves and their family. The process of mediation allows clients to take ownership of these important decisions and have a say in the resolutions, instead of walking away from the judicial process feeling that their personal issues were decided exclusively by a third party.

Mediation may not be suitable for every case, but it can be an excellent tool for family law attorneys to assist parties in a variety of matters. If you are unsure if mediation may be helpful to you in your family law case, Montgomery County mediation lawyer Sheryl R. Rentz can answer any and all of your questions and can help you make an informed decision as to what may be appropriate for your situation. With extensive experience in family law matters, Sheryl R. Rentz can aid you in efficiently negotiating a satisfactory resolution in your case. To schedule a no-cost consultation, call (610) 645-0100.

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