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The Basics of Divorce Mediation

By Sheryl Rentz on February 22, 2012

When a married couple makes the difficult decision of ending their union, a number of complicated matters are certain to arise throughout the divorce. To help sort out these issues in an amicable, stress-free manner, a pair might choose the process of mediation. During a divorce, mediation is one way of finding solutions to issues such as spousal support or child custody, and is basically an alternative to the formal process of divorce court. A court appointed third party, known as the mediator, meets with both parties in the divorce and their respective attorneys to assist with negotiating resolutions to their divorce.

Both parties in the divorce have the opportunity to discuss relevant issues, clear up any disagreements, and arrive at a mutual agreement. The primary goal of the mediator is to simply act as an intermediary and an objective third party; he or she does not aim to force an agreement or resolve problems. However, a mediator may offer his or her opinion or make suggestions. The process of mediation has some benefits, such as:

  • Saving time and money, as successful mediation can shorten the divorce process and help both parties avoid divorce court.
  • Being a fair process for all parties involved as the mediator is an objective third party who may be able to see solutions that the couple can’t because he or she is not emotionally invested in the result.
  • Mediation is a confidential process; notes taken by the mediator are simply thrown out afterwards and it is not a public court proceeding, so a couple can be assured privacy.
  • Mediation can also help parties avoid drawn-out litigation, save money on attorney fees, and cut down the steps of a standard divorce process.

The process of obtaining a divorce can be very stressful and demanding, so mediation can be an excellent way for couples to reach amenable solutions with the help of a neutral party. If you are a Pennsylvania couple who needs mediation assistance, Sheryl R. Rentz is a Montgomery County mediation attorney with extensive experience in family law and helping couples throughout the divorce process. Call (610) 645-0100 for a no-cost consultation.

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