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Maria Shriver Files for Divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger

By Sheryl Rentz on July 5, 2011

On Friday, July 1, Maria Shriver filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, ending her 25 years of marriage to California’s former governor, reports The Los Angeles Times. Citing “irreconcilable differences,” Shriver also requested joint custody of the couple’s two minor-aged children. The couple has two other older aged children.

The couple announced their separation in May, followed by the news that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with a former employee. Along with her custody request, Shriver also stipulated that certain property should be considered separate, including earnings made and miscellaneous jewelry obtained after the couple separated. Many news outlets have reported that the couple does not have prenuptial agreement.

According to The New York Post, Schwarzenegger has said he is willing to give Shriver a “very generous divorce settlement,” more than is required of him under California law. California is what is called a “community property” state, which means all assets accumulated during a marriage are divided in half should a divorce occur. Reportedly, however, Schwarzenegger is considering giving Shriver more than that. It is estimated he is worth over $750 million. The exact amount of the settlement is not known, but talks between the couple’s attorneys have reportedly been ongoing for over two months.

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