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Jeremy Renner Embroiled in Complicated Divorce Proceedings

By Sheryl Rentz on March 30, 2015

actor Jeremy Renner in a suit

High profile divorce cases often become contentious when it becomes time to negotiate finances and child custody. Actor Jeremy Renner, perhaps best known as Hawkeye in “The Avengers,” is currently in a battle with his estranged wife. According to a People news article, a friend of Renner is claiming his estranged wife from Canada only married him for a green card. There are even rumors and allegations of negligent parenting. His wife of 11 months has denied the allegations and is pursuing full custody as well as child support from Renner.

High-end divorces are different from common divorces in a number of ways. While most divorces address child support, alimony, and property division, high-end divorces require substantially more expertise when it comes to the division of assets, businesses, properties, and tax issues. Tensions can run high when there are multiple bank accounts, retirement accounts, investments, deferred pay-raises, bonuses, vacation properties, and other assets at stake.

It is important to remember during the negotiation process that a high-end divorce will have a significant tax impact on both parties. In some cases, property values can increase. It is also common for receiving spouses to face taxes on spousal support but not on child support. Certain property transferred during a divorce may be taxed as well. These types of issues must be considered throughout the proceedings.

A high-end divorce attorney can also track down and document all assets that are in play, and create a financial assessment that breaks down how the property should be divided. Research is often needed to uncover hidden assets and undisclosed income. A professional can also make sure that the financial repercussions of the divorce are not devastating for either party.

If you are about to face divorce proceedings and are worried about protecting your finances, property, and other assets, make sure you secure a divorce attorney who will fight for your best interests.

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