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Sole Child Custody

woman hugging girlDivorce is a difficult time for anyone, but it is even more difficult when children are involved. Sometimes shared custody is not a viable option, and a Montgomery County child custody attorney at the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, PC can help you gain sole custody of your children in order to put their best interests first.

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When Shared Custody Is Not an Option

At one time, you and your former spouse or partner decided to have a child or children together. Now that your relationship has dissolved, you need to determine how to best look out for your children's well-being. Though your ex-spouse may be a natural or adoptive parent, he or she may not be a fit parent any longer. Whether this is a new development or an ongoing problem, you need to do what is right for your children's future.

There are many factors used to determine which parent should have custody, including whether a parent lives near other family members, which parent has been the primary caregiver in the past and, as he or she gets older, the child's wishes. While shared custody is the preferred outcome, sometimes one parent is simply not capable.

The court may deem a parent unfit for many reasons including a history of abuse or neglect toward the child, mental illness that makes it impossible for the parent to make appropriate choices for the child and addiction problems involving drugs, alcohol or gambling that interfere to the extent that the child has been put in danger. These are often the same reasons the marriage ended.

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Two Types of Sole Custody in Pennsylvania

There are two types of sole custody: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the role of the parent in making important decisions for the child, including where to go to school, emergency medical decisions and religion.

Physical custody refers to where the child lives. Sole physical custody implies that the second parent has no visitation rights. It is common for courts to award sole legal custody while still allowing shared physical custody to keep children connected with the second parent. Yet, sometimes even short exposures to that parent can be traumatizing or dangerous. In these cases, you should seek sole physical custody as well.

Because each part of custody is decided separately, you need a Montgomery County, PA family law attorney who will fight to secure complete sole custody, both physical and legal. It is the only way you can be sure that your child's well-being and development are safe from the bad influences of the unfit parent.

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Let Sheryl R. Rentz Protect Your Children

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