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Woman Alleges Keanu Reeves Fathered Her Children in Paternity Suit

By Sheryl Rentz on April 8, 2011

Recently, Keanu Reeves was involved in a paternity suit in which a Canadian woman claimed he was the father of her children, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

According to the article, the woman alleged the actor was the biological father of at least one of her four children, all of whom are adults. In 2009, she filed suit against Reeves and also petitioned him for spousal and child support payments. He was required to take a DNA test, which proved he was not related to any of the woman’s children. However, to contest the results, the woman took the paternity case back to court. In 2010, the case was dismissed by a judge.

Paternity cases in Pennsylvania can become incredibly complex, and often genetic testing is required in order for a man to assume paternal rights. Depending on the specifics of a case, paternal determination by a jury may be necessary if the results of a genetic test are not conclusive. While genetic testing is one of the most reliable ways of determining paternity, the results are not always 100 percent irrefutable. In those instances, a jury will determine paternity after hearing both sides of the story and will conclude whether a father is responsible for a child’s welfare. Unfortunately, some paternity cases arise in order for a former partner to take advantage of another, which can make the case all the more complicated.

No matter the situation, paternity cases can be fraught with stress and anxiety. At The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, our Philadelphia paternity lawyers can provide the legal assistance you need during this difficult time in your life. We can help you through the genetic testing process or a jury’s paternal determination. To learn how we can help you and your children, call 610-645-0100.

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