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Why Long-Term Separations May Be More Costly than Divorce

By Sheryl Rentz on October 9, 2013

There are plenty of horror stories about what it takes to end a marriage that it is understandable why even the unhappiest couple may feel reluctant to go through with divorce.  Exorbitant alimony payments, gut-wrenching custody battles, and the risk of losing half of your property are just some of the major fears that would persuade a couple to settle for a long-term separation, rather than make things official.

If you think separating without divorce is the safe way to go, think again. Putting off making a final legal decision for the sake of convenience could lead to an unknown financial disaster in the future. Essentially, the devil you don’t know could be a lot worse than the devil you do know.

The following considerations from may dissuade you from continuing a long-term separation:

How is your spouse handling the marital assets?

If your pseudo-ex-spouse is collecting debt during the separation under joint credit cards, for example, or finagles on joint taxes, you may be held liable for that debt, as well. Additionally, your spouse may attempt to hide marital assets before an official divorce happens.

What if your spouse leaves the state or the country?

Divorce laws can differ greatly from state to state and an eventual divorce could become even more complicated and costly.

What happens if you or your spouse meets someone new?

A new relationship can quickly deplete marital assets while you or your spouse spends more time and money with a new love interest. It also does not help to already be involved with another person outside of your marriage when negotiating the terms of a divorce.

Will you have to lower your standard of living?

If money becomes tight and you have to lower your living standards during a long separation, you may not be able to obtain alimony once it’s time to officially divorce.

Dedication to Your Long-Term Well-Being

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