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Are there Legal Options for Preventing a Divorce?

By Sheryl Rentz on November 3, 2014

One of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce in the United States involve financial issues. And it’s not surprising. The topic of money can create tension between even the most agreeable couples. But in a day and age where divorce seems to be unavoidable, are there any options for steering clear of the financial pitfalls that break up so many committed relationships?

Whether you are about to walk down the aisle or have been married for decades, here are a few legal options for preventing arguments about money from becoming threats of divorce.

Prenuptial agreements – It may seem anti-romantic to even bring up the idea of a prenuptial agreement, but establishing each party’s financial expectations early on can help prevent misunderstandings and confusion in the long run. Will both spouses share checking accounts? Does either spouse have separate property that s/he would prefer to keep under their name? Getting a clear picture of what each soon-to-be-spouse brings to the table can create a stable foundation and lets each party know that it is okay to discuss money matters openly.

Postnuptial agreements – At any point in the marriage, a couple can create a postnuptial agreement to help resolve disputes over who owns which assets, how money should be allocated to household expenses and other financial matters. It can even be used to settle long standing disagreements such as how often the mother-in-law may visit.  In many cases, a postnuptial agreement can help establish new boundaries and give each party a clear understanding of what could happen in the event of a divorce.

Mediation – When a marriage is on the verge of a split, mediation is a perfectly reasonable option for reconciliation. If the root of marital discord is money, discussing the circumstances with a neutral third party can help each spouse reevaluate financial responsibilities, while also tackling other underlying issues.

Legal Separation – In some cases, couples may choose to become financially independent while staying married. A legal separation gives couples the option of dividing assets, parental rights and even monthly support in order to set clear responsibilities in the relationship going forward.

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