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Alimony Amount Contested in Pennsylvania Senator’s Divorce Case

By Sheryl Rentz on July 22, 2009

Pennsylvania State Senate Democratic Leader Robert J. Mellow’s ex-wife wants a share of all the additional money he has been earning as a director on the Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania board and others since their divorce, according to a news report. Diane Mellow made the demand in a court petition asking to increase her alimony in Pennsylvania. Robert and Diane Mellow were married in August 1966 and were divorced in November 2006.

According to their divorce agreement, Mellow agreed to pay his ex-wife a monthly alimony of $2,600 with $150 a month increases on each anniversary of when the alimony payments began. However, Diane Mellow now contends that things have changed now because the senator has been earning a lot more because of his involvement with various boards. At question is whether the divorce agreement can be modified. Robert Mellow’s attorney says that cannot be done because his ex-wife signed the settlement knowing that its terms would be final. Diane Mellow’s attorney says that state law allows for an adjustment in alimony if the circumstances of either person changes substantially for an extended period.

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