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New Law Will Prevent Criminals from Receiving Alimony

By Sheryl Rentz on May 15, 2009

A law, which passed recently, revises New Jersey alimony and inheritance laws to make sure people found guilty of abuse, murder and other crimes are not able to receive alimony and inheritance benefit payment. According to this news report, the bill is broken into two sections. With regard to alimony payments, the bill prevents anyone convicted of an attempted murder from receiving alimony from their intended victim. Such victims will also not be responsible for covering the cost of divorce court fees. Prior to this bill’s passage, the divorcing spouse must cover the expense of the other person’s attorney’s fees.

This New Jersey law also eliminates a parent’s right to inherit from their deceased child’s estate if they were found guilty of abandonment or of refusal to acknowledge, sexual assault, endangering the welfare of that child or attempted murder. This law needed to be passed in the interest of fairness and justice. To think that a person can physically harm or try to kill a spouse and then expect to receive alimony payments or an inheritance from that person goes beyond unfair. It is unconscionable.

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