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Jim Nantz’s Divorce Leads to an Annual $916,000 in Alimony and Child Support

By Sheryl Rentz on December 9, 2009

According to a recent article, Jim Nantz, a well-known CBS sportscaster, faces some newfound issues regarding his divorce. Apparently, Mr. Nantz is now required to pay an annual sum of $916,000 to his ex-wife for alimony and child support, both in addition to surrendering his home in Connecticut.

Based on the report, the Judge decided that neither Mr. Nantz nor Ann-Lorraine “Lorrie” Carlsen Nantz was solely at fault for their 26-year marriage ending. Instead, it seemed to be more a case of two people drifting apart over the years. Often referred to as “our nation’s most prominent sportscaster,” Mr. Nantz filed for the divorce about a year ago after he and Lorrie tried years of marriage counseling.

The final decision of the divorce proceedings resulted in Nantz having to pay $72,000 in monthly alimony payments to his ex-wife until either he dies or she remarries. Additionally, Nantz is also responsible for a $1,000 weekly child support payment benefitting his daughter for the next two years. According to Nantz’s attorney, he will not be fighting the terms of the divorce decree because he wants what is best for his daughter.

This divorce case demonstrates that even when divorcing spouses seem to be on somewhat agreeable terms and emotions do not seem to be running high, the legal matters surrounding alimony and child support are still very serious and often complex. If a divorce case goes to court, a judge will base the amount of child support on a variety of factors, as is similar when calculating alimony. To ensure that you receive the proper amount of either payments, or to make sure that you do not end up paying more than you should, the services of a skilled Pennsylvania divorce attorney may be obtained.

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