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How An Attorney Can Help You Navigate a High-Asset Divorce

By Sheryl Rentz on September 8, 2014

No divorce is easy. A high-asset divorce is even more complicated than a standard divorce. Because the spouses in a high-asset divorce have retirement accounts, substantial investments, family businesses and other items they’ve acquired and worked on together, the help of an attorney who specializes in high-asset divorce questions is invaluable when the time comes to separate.

How can a Montgomery County high asset divorce attorney become your best ally during this difficult time?

  • Your attorney knows business as well as divorce law. Choosing an attorney who specializes in high-asset divorce means choosing someone who understands business law, investment rules and other financial details as well as Pennsylvania divorce law. By knowing each set of rules and how they interact, your attorney is better equipped to protect your interests.
  • Your attorney can help you discover hidden finances. When divorce looms, one spouse may try to hide investments or other assets, so that they won’t be shared in the divorce proceedings. Your attorney has seen the many ways in which spouses have tried to hide assets from one another and is experienced at identifying and revealing hidden assets. Once these assets are out in the open, you have the chance to receive your equitable share of them – and your attorney has more leverage to persuade a stubborn spouse to settle out of court.
  • Your attorney understands how to protect your children. Nearly all divorce attorneys understand their state’s child custody and support laws. But an attorney specializing in high-asset divorce knows that your children’s unique financial interests, like trust funds and school tuition, must be protected as well.

Attorney Sheryl R. Rentz specializes in helping Pennsylvania residents navigate high-asset divorces in ways that protect their interests and those of their children. Contact us today to learn more.

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