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We’ve Chosen Our 2019 Scholarship Winners!

By Sheryl Rentz on May 28, 2019

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Oh, choosing a winner for this year’s Key to a Bright Future Scholarship was difficult! First, we had to narrow down the field after receiving 1,001 applications. Then, we had to decide between five excellent students, each one strong and persuasive in her own right. So we couldn’t pick a single winner only!

Haley R. and Lauren B., come on over and take your rightful place! That’s right; you’ve won Sheryl R. Rentz’s 2019 scholarship and each earned $500 towards your college expenses!

Why did we pick Haley R.? Well, her time management impressed us—mostly because of how much she gets done! We aren’t exaggerating (and neither are her teachers) in calling her “high-achieving”: tennis team captain, law team captain, editor of the school newspaper, stage manager for drama club, and more! Her work ethic and determination to follow her passions mean she’s well on her way to making her mark on the world, without the danger of burnout!

Why did we pick Lauren B.? Well, her desire to be a clear, compassionate voice for people in the U.S. justice system hit home with us. We know people caught in the cogs of American courtrooms are confused, frightened, and often, frustrated to the point of tears. Her commitment to marrying law and civic engagement will yield wonders for her community, we’re sure!

When you head over to read their essays on our website, you’ll agree: these scholars will be making headlines all the right ways. Best of luck, Haley and Lauren!

To everyone else who participated, we really hope to see you apply to our scholarship again in 2020! The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz would like to thank you, and remind you to check our blog and Facebook page for announcements and other opportunities.

Create your own key to a bright future!

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