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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 Key to the Bright Future Scholarship!

By Sheryl Rentz on May 5, 2020

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Two weeks ago, we announced the finalists for the Key to the Bright Future and began the great endeavor of selecting one winner to receive a $1,000 scholarship. After a long and difficult debate, the Law Office of Sheryl Rentz, P.C., have come to our climatic conclusion and a sudden surprise: two winners!

Raj P. and Julia T., please step forward to accept your awards! You are both the 2020 winners of the Key to the Bright Future Scholarship!

Raj’s application and essay demonstrated a steadfast dedication to his studies and a wide assortment of extracurricular activities. His creative solution to academic burnout also impressed us – and we will be stealing the Pomodoro technique as we work on our own work-life balance.

Julia’s essay reminded us of the importance of prioritizing our passions and building out a schedule that maximizes our potential. We also found her willingness to accept new challenges and devotion to her goals inspiring.

Feel free to read Raj and Julia’s essays yourself to see just how bright these two stellar students are. We cannot wait to see how both of you step into the future and takes on the next set of challenges life has in store for you. We hope this scholarship keep your fiery passion burning as you head off to college and beyond.

We would like to thank every student who applied. Scholarship season is one of our favorite times of year because it allows us to hear from so many hardworking and driven young individuals from across the country. If you are still a student next year, we encourage you to apply again. Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for further scholarship announcements.

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