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Terrifying Santa Shooting Leaves Nine Dead

By Sheryl Rentz on February 18, 2009

On Christmas Eve 2008, a man deranged from what he perceived to be an unfair divorce settlement went on a rampage in Covina, California. He killed eight relatives of his ex-wife before fleeing and then shooting himself in the head. According to the facts as investigators have pieced them together, the shooter, a man named Bruce Pardo, had recently completed his divorce settlement with his estranged ex, Silvia Pardo. Having been fired from his job in July, Pardo had fallen behind on his child support payments. He showed up to the home of Alisha and James Ortega dressed as Santa Claus carrying a gift box that contained an explosive liquid, which he used to light the Ortega’s house on fire. Bruce Jeffrey Pardo began his rampage by shooting an eight year old girl in the face. He then went on a gun slinging, fire starting rampage that ended with eight dead and several injured. Among the victims medical authorities expect to survive are two young women, ages 16 and 20, and the 8 year old victim who was shot in the face.


Following the shootings and torching of the Ortega’s house, Pardo escaped to the home of his brother in Sylmar. By the time police arrived on Thursday morning, Pardo had shot himself in the head.


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