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Philadelphia Police Department to Improve Relationship with Domestic Violence Agencies (Part 2)

By Sheryl Rentz on February 3, 2010

Every day in Philadelphia hundreds of victims of domestic violence turn to one of the four main domestic violence agencies in the city. These include Women Against Abuse, Women in Transition, Congreso de Latinos Unidos, and Lutheran Settlement House. On some days, the number of victims seeking assistance in Pennsylvania is nearly 2,500. You can visit this website for more information:

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating new ways of strengthening their partnerships with the agencies mentioned above by scheduling follow-up visits and making referrals after 911 calls. Help is available to victims, but services are also offered to abusers as well. Most abusers were victims in their lifetime, and counseling and education are available to help break the vicious cycle.

The Philadelphia Police Department estimates that nationally, nearly 4 million women suffer some kind of domestic violence by an intimate partner every year. The Philadelphia PD has a very informative website at on personal safety and crime prevention that identifies domestic abuse clearly.

Domestic violence is a complex issue with many facets. It is not something just between couples, but also can have drastic influences on children and siblings. Though it is less common, men are battered by their female partners as well. Same-sex couples also experience a high rate of domestic violence.

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