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Pennsylvania Domestic Violence Arrests

By Sheryl Rentz on March 30, 2009

Police in Norristown arrested two men on Pennsylvania domestic violence charges, according to a news report. Brian Spangler, a 38-year-old Parker Ford man allegedly pulled a knife during a dispute with a woman in an office who had a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order against him. Police arrived at Logan Square Shopping Center at the woman’s place of work when they saw her look “visibly shaken.” The woman apparently told officers that she had a PFA. Spangler took off on foot, but police wrestled him to the ground and arrested him. He was charged with resisting arrest, simple assault, possessing a weapon and harassment.

In another incident 36-year-old Edward Maddox was arrested on suspicion of beating his pregnant girlfriend after she told him repeatedly to turn down the music he was playing. The woman was found with blood on her face and marks on her neck. The woman told officials that she feared for her own life, but was concerned that Maddox would injure the unborn child. During the attack, he threatened to kill her and put a pillow over her face. Police apparently found the suspect hiding in a vacant apartment across the hall and arrested him.

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