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Understanding the Divorce Judge’s Perspective

By Sheryl Rentz on January 23, 2014

Nowadays, divorcing couples have several options for ending their marriage without having to face a judge in the court room. Arbitration, collaborative divorce, and mediation allow couples to work out a plan for dividing possessions, debts, and child support that fits their specific situation. While the alternatives to court can be effective for many, there are still numerous circumstances in which divorce court is the best choice.

In cases where a couple cannot resolve their differences, it may be necessary to bring in a judge to make a final ruling. If one or both spouses are combative, uncooperative, or just plain dishonest, you may have to prepare to present your case to a divorce judge.

Divorce judges have the legal authority to make major decisions on your behalf based on the facts and the best interests of any children involved. If things get ugly, he or she can rap the gavel and come to a final ruling that will greatly impact your future.

If you find yourself in the courtroom, it’s important to understand the person who will be making a final decision about the fate of your divorce. First of all, divorce judges have heard thousands of cases and will likely have little patience for petty squabbles or finger pointing. No matter how emotional the circumstances may be for you, the judge is there to resolve any legal issues and finalize the divorce.

Therefore, in order to help your cause, remember to avoid these mistakes when facing a divorce judge.

Not dressing the part. You want to present yourself as professional and mature. Wearing casual or inappropriate clothing will not make a good first impression with the judge.

Letting your emotions take over. Angry outbursts, name calling, or eye rolling will only make you seem immature or irresponsible and could lead to contempt of court charges.

Lying or misrepresenting your case. Judges often have a good sense for catching lies or fabrication because they have seen and heard it all. The quickest way to lose your case is to be dishonest.

Divorce can be very difficult, whether your case goes to trial or not. Pennsylvania divorce attorney Sheryl R. Rentz has extensive experience helping clients overcome the many obstacles that come with pursuing divorce. To learn more about what to expect and to gain a strong legal representative, please call (610) 645-0100 or contact us online.

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