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Surviving the Holiday Season after a Pennsylvania Divorce

By Sheryl Rentz on November 18, 2010

Surviving the holidays during or soon after a divorce in Pennsylvania can be very difficult. Feelings of loneliness or anger are only magnified during cheery festivities with friends and family. Often the holidays are anticipated with dread by a newly divorce or separated person. While there aren’t any magical cures for the holiday blues, there are some things you can do to help make coping with a Pennsylvania divorce easier during the holidays.

Try to plan ahead to do something fun, stress-free, and relaxing with the people you genuinely care about. If you’re worried the holidays are going to be too painful with reminders of your divorce everywhere, consider taking a vacation to escape.

Create new traditions with your friends and family. While you might want to hold on to some past traditions and rituals, you should also try to create new ones, free of memory of your now ex-spouse. This can also give you a fun project that can distract you from suffering from any sad or lonely feelings.

If you have kids, make sure you assure them that holiday celebrations are going to continue in spite of the divorce or separation, but in a different way. They can also help you brainstorm new ways of celebrating the holidays. Decide ahead of time with your now ex-spouse how the holidays will be divided to reduce confusion and complications. Try to keep arrangements as simple as possible for the sake of your children.

Make sure you’re realistic in all your holiday expectations. Picture perfect holidays are just an illusion and only occur in the movies. If you’re feeling particularly down, ask for support from friends and family. Be clear with them what you need from them, whether it’s a listening ear, companionship, or if you need a distraction.

Always take care of yourself by getting regular amounts of sleep and exercise and try to eat healthy in order to maximize your coping abilities. Day by day, things will get easier for you.

The prospect of divorce can seem scary and complicated. However, with an experienced Philadelphia family law attorney, the divorce process can be smooth. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Sheryl Rentz have helped guide many individuals through the Pennsylvania divorce process. Our attorneys will fight to ensure your best interests are taken into consideration throughout the entire process. For more information about Pennsylvania divorce, call us today at 610-645-0100.

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