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Social Networking Sites Cited in Divorce Court

By Sheryl Rentz on May 26, 2010

With the growing popularity of social networking sites, couples who are experiencing marriage difficulties need to be aware that what they post on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace can be held against them in a court of family law. Chicago’s local ABC affiliate, WLS-TV, recently ran a news story discussing the growing reality that the information we post in cyberspace is just as real as any other information we choose to divulge. Reportedly, one couple’s divorce, like many couples throughout the country, was the direct result of using a social networking site, which ultimately led to their separation after 26 years of marriage.

Interestingly enough, as a result of the social networking phenomenon, many Philly family law attorneys are finding themselves instructing clients on what not to post on social networking profiles, even if those profiles are supposedly private, non-public sources of information. According to the report, it is a good idea to approach social networking as you would approach supplying your local newspaper with information about yourself. That is, unless you’re comfortable posting your personal information on the front page of a newspaper, you should be hesitant in posting that information on a social networking profile page.

In the article, clinical psychologist Dr. Erin Alexander reasons that “you may have individuals within the couple who have very different personal boundaries and don’t mind sharing personal information but as it affects their partner, that’s something that you need to reconcile and be on the same page about.” Per fair warning, be careful about the information that you make public, because it may lead to complicated matters that can include divorce.

In all divorce cases, it is extremely important that all details are carefully examined. The skilled Pennsylvania divorce lawyers at the Law Offices Sheryl R. Rentz have experience handling a variety of divorce cases, and are prepared to ensure that the rights of their clients are not infringed upon in a court of law. For more information and a free consultation, please contact the Philadelphia divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz by calling 610-645-0100 today.

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