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Pay a Premium, Decide to Divorce, and Collect Your Check

By Sheryl Rentz on October 7, 2010

Insurance policies are taken out in the event of some sort of disaster. Up until recently, divorce was hardly considered the type of disaster that insurance would cover. However, according to a recent article, one particular insurance company is now offering divorce insurance to individuals who feel that their marriages cannot be saved.

Critics of the newly offered insurance product reason that couples who have this insurance may be less inclined to make their marriage work, opting instead for a monetary payout once proof of the divorce is furnished to the insurance company. Reportedly, the insurance costs about $16 a month per unit, which translates to $1,250 once the policy matures. An individual purchasing this insurance must wait four years until the policy matures, although riders can allegedly be purchased to minimize the length of the maturity period. While many may view this insurance as an extra precautionary measure taken in defense of divorce, others may consider it an indication that a marriage is not built upon strong enough of a foundation to ultimately last in the first place, and that couples who purchase this insurance may simply be setting themselves up for failure.

Deciding to file for divorce in Pennsylvania is a difficult thing. While some couples may know for certain that divorce is the only logical option for them, others may not be as sure. While statistics do show that a large number of marriages fail each year all across the country, all options should be considered when filing for divorce. Ultimately, equitable division of assets and fair custody arrangements are in the best interest of both parties involved, and should be the end goal that both strive for.

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