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Massive Divorce Lawsuit May End Up Being the Biggest Ever

By Sheryl Rentz on March 4, 2009

Texas business magnate David Saperstein recently announced to his wife Suzanne that he wanted a divorce. The circumstances wouldn’t have been too extraordinary, but for the fact that the announcement occurred while both David and Suzanne were flying over Texas in their own private Gulfstream IV plane. The Sapersteins had been known for years as a high profile couple. David Saperstein built his fortune from the ground up by developing a system of traffic reports which he later sold to mega-broadcaster Westwood; one for more than one and a quarter billion dollars.

Suzanne Saperstein had made a name for herself in the international press by exhibiting a passion for both haute couture and furniture from the 1700’s. Vanity Fair did a famous profile on the Sapersteins in 2002. This piece featured Suzanne Saperstein at her massive home in Los Angeles, Fleur De Lys.

According to inside information, Saperstein left his wife to be with Hillevi Svensson, the house nanny whom — according to the New York Post — many describe as Suzanne a few decades younger.

The assets that will likely be battled over and discussed with property division attorneys include a $100 million villa in Beverly Hills, a Gulfstream IV private jet, and a massive collection of furniture from the 1700’s.

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