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Licensed Pennsylvania Marriage Counselors’ Advice for Surviving Valentine’s Day Single

By Sheryl Rentz on February 12, 2013

Courtesy of, staying sane on Valentine’s Day when you have recently returned to single status after a divorce is not easy. Family therapists and marriage counselors, Jennifer McCarron from North Wales, Pennsylvania, and Eugene Kayser who practices in Abington, Pennsylvania, have seven tips for survival:

  1. Treat yourself by doing something that nourishes you like a spa session, a walk, a visit to the gym, any activity that nurtures.
  2. Simply choose to ignore Valentine’s Day. Don’t participate in activities normally associated with the day. Treat it as if it is a holiday that your religion does not recognize.
  3. Spend the time with loved ones or close friends who are also not currently involved in relationships. Choose to be around friends and loved ones who freely offer their support.
  4. A restaurant meal is not such a good idea since that will be where couples are. On the other hand, spending time in a coffee shop or bookstore can be pleasant distractions when you may be dealing with feelings of sadness.
  5. Involve yourself in activities like a movie night or a party with friends who are single.
  6. Avoid reminders of past traditions and activities that may remind your marriage. Avoid card aisles and flower and candy displays dedicated to Valentine’s Day.
  7. Focus on your children, reminding yourself there are other types of love to celebrate on Valentine’s Day other than the romantic kind.

McCarron and Kayser say surviving the day is all about feeling OK about yourself and that just because you are single, you are not a failure.

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