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How to Handle Threats During Divorce

By Sheryl Rentz on June 3, 2013

Whether or not the decision was mutual, divorce can bring out the worst in people. Unfortunately, threats often come up during the divorce process in order to force one spouse to give in to the other’s demands. While some threats may involve property or money, threats about violence or causing harm should be reported to law enforcement.

The Pennsylvania divorce attorneys at The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, P.C. understand that the process of divorce can be complex and emotional, and will help protect your rights against the other spouse’s threats.

The most common threats that come up during a divorce settlement include:

“I’d rather go to jail than pay child support.” The court can obtain money from a parent who refuses to pay child support through wage assignment, which will direct the parent’s employment checks to the custodial parent. If the parent continues to refuse child support, he or she may be held in contempt of court, which can include jail time. However, despite the threat, most parents ultimately decide to pay rather than spend time in jail.

“The court will never side with you, unless you do what I want.” This threat should not be taken seriously because the court will decide on the most equitably settlement rather than simply give one person what he or she wants.

“We can reconcile if you just put everything in my name.” An attempt to end the divorce process in this way is just a power grab and should not be trusted. Protect your property and other assets by simply ignoring the threat and consulting with an experienced attorney.

If you are considering a divorce, please contact Sheryl R. Rentz to discuss your circumstances. We will work with you throughout the divorce to reach a fair and just settlement. Call us at (610) 645-0100 to learn more.

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