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Divorce and Children: Tips to Celebrate Halloween with Your Family Post-Split

By Sheryl Rentz on October 2, 2012

Both during and after a divorce, it is essential for parents to make the major new transition as seamless as possible to ensure the emotional and mental well-being of their children. The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for both parents and children, but as with many post-divorce situations, attitude and how parents handle family matters is key; if each parent is willing to work together, it can make a significant difference in how the holidays play out.

With the most frightening holiday of the year approaching, Halloween is certainly one of the most fun for a child to celebrate and share with parents. As such, parents should remember to put their child first when trick-or-treating on October 31 and follow these simple tips to make Halloween a memorable one for their child:

  1. It is important to keep children informed and let them know what will happen on the holiday so that different expectations do not arise.
  2. Share your children, so if at all possible, try and share the time during the holiday so that everyone can participate.
  3. Treat the other parent well because it is helpful for kids to see their parents getting along and treating one another respectfully.
  4. Do not put your child in the middle. For example, don’t ask your child “Where do you want to spend Halloween, at mom’s or dad’s?” Ask instead “Where would you like to spend Halloween?”
  5. If you happen to be alone during this holiday, or any others, don’t make a big deal about it or create upset in your child. Make your own plans and hang out with a friend, or volunteer and be with others.

Putting your child first during a divorce and protecting their best interests can go a long way in ensuring their happiness after you and your ex have split, but doing so can be difficult as emotions and sorting out complicated divorce matters can be very demanding. Montgomery County divorce attorney Sheryl R. Rentz understands the toll a divorce can have on the entire family and will work to ensure the divorce is finalized as smoothly as possible in order to minimize the impact on you and your kids. To discuss your case at no-cost, call (610) 645-0100.

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