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Divorce Attorneys Allege Divorce Follows Seasons

By Sheryl Rentz on December 3, 2008

Brooky Brown reported on the website that couples considering divorce typically stay married through the end of the holidays or summer vacations. Although no specific reason or science can be attributed to this pattern divorce attorney Jeffrey Levine believes it is because couples have “false expectations and believe miracles will happen during the holidays especially when children are involved,” yet inevitably divorce follows. Some people do not want to interrupt their summer vacations, others believe single parents wait until kids are back in school avoiding daycare payments. While others believe that the holiday season will spark romantic yearnings which may lead to their marriage getting back on track.

Unfortunately the increase in calls following summer vacations and the holiday season to divorce lawyers point to the fact that neither of these is sufficient to mend the couples woes. Ann C. Thompson has been practicing family-law for 29 years and says “Some attorneys say couples stay together until the beginning of the school year, while others say they wait until after graduation is over.” Thompson also said sometimes couples divorce at a certain time based on upcoming family events. “These are all theories,” Thompson said. “Personally, I don’t have a clue why people divorce at certain times of the year more than others.”

Bernard Rothman, counsel to Sankel, Skurman & McCartin LLP in New York, said “Generally the calls fall off just before Thanksgiving and pick up again on January 2,”he said. “The calls tend to come in on a fairly even keel until about June 1, when vacation starts.” For some, divorcing in the fall prevents the children who are home during the summer from becoming more aware of fights or problems that may occur once the couple files for divorce,” he said.

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