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Pursuit of Child Support Results in Unprecedented Arrear in Lackawanna County

By Sheryl Rentz on April 6, 2015

For six years, a Lackawanna County woman struggled to get the child support she was promised from her ex-spouse. As a result, Lackawanna County officials put the delinquent father on their “Most Wanted” list for outstanding child support. According to a news report in The Moscow Villager, officials were finally able to help her receive a check for $39,772.65, the largest collection of child support arrears in the history of Lackawanna County.

Officials with the county threatened to force the sale of the delinquent father’s home in order to get the mother the money she needs. He allegedly violated the law by skipping town and fraudulently attempting to transfer the property to his new wife and stepson. The pressure from the county helped encourage the delinquent father’s current wife to pay the support in full.

This is a fine example of the lengths officials are willing to go to bring closure to child support cases. There are many tools at the government’s disposal if a non-custodial parent does not pay child support. In Pennsylvania, if you fail to pay child support, you can have your driver’s license, your professional license, or even a recreational license taken from you. They can take your lottery winnings, cut into your federal tax refunds, refuse your passport, and fine you up to $500. They can even put a lien on your property and put you on probation for up to six months.

Ideally, you will be awarded the child support you need without a fight. In some cases, however, it is necessary to work with the Financial Institution Data Match Program to freeze or seize overdue money. There are many ways that officials can help get you the money you were promised.

If you are negotiating child custody and support, make sure you have someone fighting for your best interests. These types of negotiations are stressful and complicated. You also may need help if your former significant other has fallen behind on payments and is not cooperating. Please contact an experienced Pennsylvania child support lawyer for more information.

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