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Pennsylvania Child Custody Tax Hurts Parents, Kids Financially

By Sheryl Rentz on September 3, 2008

A recent article in the Patriot News discusses the Pennsylvania state tax fee of $25 that is being charged to custodial parents on an annual basis. That’s right, the Pennsylvania statute actually taxes the parents that HAVE custody of the child in the case of divorce annually.

The Pennsylvania Legislature decided to charge custodial parents $25 annually for each child, provided they collect at least $2,000 a year from the noncustodial parent and have never received cash assistance from welfare. The fee started when a federal law that required states’ help in recouping some of the costs for providing child support enforcement services went on the books. States like Pennsylvania were given the option of collecting the money from one of the parents or paying it themselves. Pennsylvania decided to collect it from parents that had custody of children from broken homes.

The Association for the Children for the Enforcement of Support (ACES) and the Philadelphia district attorney’s office oppose the tax law and have aided Representative Kate Harper, R-Montgomery in her efforts to have the tax repealed. The bill she has introduced has yet to move out of committee, however.

A quote by Christina Marhsall, a member of ACES’ national board of trustees sums it up best:

“Kids don’t choose divorce, but they pay for it both financially and emotionally. Do you know what $25 means to a child? It is not right for our children to have to pay for this government service. The people who made the decision to collect this tax clearly don’t understand the impact it has on families.”

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