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Now It’s Easier to Check Your Child Support Status

By Sheryl Rentz on June 9, 2015

On June 1, The Department of Human Services (DHS) launched a new mobile version of the Pennsylvania Child Support website. It allows users to access child support program information with a phone or tablet. Now, parents can easily access case details, make payments, request materials, check on upcoming appointments, calculate child support payments, and view the status of their cases. There is even a frequently asked questions portion of the site that provides answers to common inquiries.

The launch of the new site can help families get the support they are due. If used properly, the mobile site will make it easier for people to pay and receive support. It will also help people check their cases online no matter where they are. According to the DHS, more than 18,000 people visit their website every day and 67 percent of visitors primarily use smart phones and other mobile devices to browse the internet. So, it makes sense to make the site mobile friendly.

There are many advantages to having the site on a mobile device. For example, it will be nice for parents on the go to view how much support has been deposited before making a purchase. The site can also be used to make a payment or to access information on how to apply for support. You can even use the official website to change your information for making or receiving payments.

If you are having issues paying or receiving child support payments, do not hesitate to speak to an experienced Pennsylvania child support attorney. Your family law attorney can even use the PA Child Support Website to submit a request for support services on your behalf. There is help available to ensure that you are your family receive the support you need.

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