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Failure To Pay Child Support Could Result In Driver’s License Suspension

By Sheryl Rentz on July 1, 2008

The prospect of losing their driving privilege has apparently prompted more than 3,000 Illinois parents to pay about $1.3 million in child support since Jan. 1, according to an Associated Press news report. The way this new program works is that the state’s Department of Healthcare and Family Services sends out warning notices to deadbeat parents who owe at least $2,500 in child support provided they have an Illinois driver’s license.

If these parents do not reply, their names are then forwarded to the secretary of state who suspends their driver’s license 60 days later. At least 20 other states have similar programs to force parents to do the responsible thing and provide for their children. Illinois has especially been notorious over the years for having the most number of parents who skipped child support payments. According to the report, seven years ago, the state collected $726 million in child support. This year, after this new law was enacted, that number has risen to more than $1.2 billion.

We all know that in any divorce, the toughest issues to settle involve child support and how the payments should be set. It is an unfortunate fact that many parents end up not paying their legally entitled payments. In some cases, a parent may be required to pay child support even though they shouldn’t. If you or someone you know has concerns relating to such child support issues in Pennsylvania, please contact the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz for free advice and guidance.

Pennsylvania has very strict laws that impose severe penalties on those who fail to make their child support payments. A parent who does not pay could face a series of problems including suspension of driver’s license and passport, jail time, bank account seizure and reporting of failure to pay to credit agencies.

We have extensive experience in dealing with such complicated divorce laws. We can help you recover child support, assist with your child support contract or even offer suggestions and possible options for those parents who have not paid child support for some time.

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