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“Baby Daddy” Child Support Bill in Tennessee Passes the House

By Sheryl Rentz on April 27, 2009

Men can stop making child support payments after learning through DNA testing that they are not the father of the child, under a legislation approved by the Tennessee House this month. According to this news report, House Bill 805, sponsored by Rep. Stacey Campfield passed on a 66-24 vote. The measure, called the “baby daddy bill,” is about being fair, Campfield has said. This of course will not apply in cases where the man has legally adopted the child. Another provision in this bill also states that the child support payments are to continue for 60 days after “childhood is disestablished.”

Genetic testing has changed the face of Philadelphia divorce cases – especially in matters of child custody and child support – in recent years. If you have been paying child custody to the mother of a child who is not yours, it is no doubt an unfair situation. However, in such cases, it is the child who suffers. The mistake may have been the mother’s, but it is the child’s quality of life that suffers when the mother stops receiving payments.

In cases where paternity is in question, you need a skilled Pennsylvania child custody lawyer with experience in child support matters. Whether you are a mother who wants to prove the father’s paternity or a father who wants to prove otherwise, the Law Offices of Sheryl Rentz can help you. If you proceed without a skilled attorney on your side, you may suffer financially for the rest of your life. Please do not let this happen to you. Call Sheryl R. Rentz today for a free consultation and objective evaluation of your case.

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