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Star of “Lost” Wins Skirmish in Custody Battle

By Sheryl Rentz on March 6, 2009

On January 7, 2009, celeb gossip site reported that Naveen Andrews, one of the stars of the hit series Lost, emerged from Los Angeles Superior Court after winning sole child custody of his 3-year-old boy, Naveen Joshua. The TV star’s estranged “baby mama,” Elena Eustache, made wild allegations that Andrews and his new girlfriend, Barbara Hershey, had been practicing voodoo witchcraft on the child. According to reports, Eustache was worried that Naveen Joshua was going to be poisoned.

Naveen Andrews’ attorney, Laura Wasser, argued at Superior Court that Eustache was not psychologically healthy, and the judge seemed to buy Wasser’s argument by awarding Naveen Andrews sole custody until a hearing the following month. After the charged courtroom confrontation, Eustache was seen crying to herself on a bench. She offered TMZ an angry quote about how celebrities always get their way. Naveen Andrews, on the other hand, quickly got on a plane with young Naveen Joshua to Hawaii, where the elder Naveen shoots his TV show.

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