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Since When Is Pet Custody Compared to Child Custody?

By Sheryl Rentz on August 26, 2009

A recent article from reported about a couple that is squaring off in the courtroom for the second time, fighting over custody of six-year old Dexter. Is Dexter their son? Not quite. Dexter is a much loved dog that is apparently worth the extensive hours the former couple has spent in New Jersey courtrooms. The woman claims that the couple referred to Dexter as their son, thus emphasizing the attachment the each party has towards the dog. At this point, neither plaintiff is willing to share him.

After hearing testimony in Superior Court that, while one partner purchased the dog and paid veterinary bills, the former couple lived together and, therefore, both cared for Dexter, the judge ruled that Dexter was joint property, although no final decisions were made. The woman’s claim that she was given permanent custody of the dog when the couple separated was ruled to be unfounded. For now, both attorneys of the former couple will file additional briefs stating their thoughts on who should get the dog and why.

A most unique custody dispute, this couple’s struggle is an example of how emotionally torn a “parent” can feel when someone they love, even if that “someone” does happen to be a dog, may be taken away from them. Although this particular case does not involve children, two people facing the multiple complexities of child custody in Pennsylvania amidst a divorce can often feel overwhelmed and confused just as this “dueling dog couple” feels. First and foremost however, the most important thing when it comes to deciding upon child custody in court is taking into full consideration what is best for the child or children.

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