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Pennsylvania’s New Rules Will Put Cases Involving Children on Fast Track

By Sheryl Rentz on January 22, 2009

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has adopted new rules that are designed to speed up court action on the most serious cases involving children. According to this Associated Press news report, these new rules will help children who are involved in cases that concern dependency, custody, adoption, paternity and termination of parental rights. These cases will be stamped “Children’s Fast Track” to make sure that appeals from county courts to state appellate courts are processed quicker.

These rules were apparently developed by a panel with the hope that the changes will help improve the public’s confidence in the judicial system. Cases that involve visitation, child support and delinquency will not be affected by these changes.

These new laws will serve Pennsylvania’s children well. In any divorce or hotly-contested child custody case, it is the children who suffer the most, which is why having a skilled divorce attorney in Pennsylvania makes a big difference. The more long drawn the case is, the more it affects children. They are unable to have the stability they need in their lives. In many serious cases, children may be victims of domestic violence, physical or even sexual abuse. Their lives may be in danger and they may need to be physically removed from such a hostile environment as soon as possible.

By expediting cases that involve children, there is a good chance of resolving them sooner and giving these children that much-needed safety and stability. These young lives could depend on it. If you are involved in a divorce involving children or a child custody battle, you need an experienced Pennsylvania child custody lawyer, who will listen to your side of the story and fight for your legal rights. Please call us today at 610-645-0100 to schedule your free consultation.

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