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New Online Reporting System to Report Child Custody Violations

By Sheryl Rentz on November 10, 2008

The District Attorney of Santa Clara County in California has announced the launch of a new online reporting form for those who want to report a violation of a child custody or visitation court order. This is a big change from the time when parents or guardians had to make a report in the lobby or a public counter at the local police department or wait to have an officer come to them and take a report, according to a recent news article.

However, officials emphasize that this form is only for non-emergency matters. In case of child abduction or a similar criminal matter, families are asked to call their local police departments right away to report the crime.

This is a wonderful system that would serve families well across the nation. Most couples who sign off a child custody agreement are quick to report custody or visitation violations as they should. Visitation rights refer to the set of laws surrounding the legal right of a parent or another relative to visit and spend time with a child after a divorce. When there is a violation it must be reported and the easier and less time-consuming it is, the more efficient the reporting system would be.

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