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Los Angeles Times Article Features Compelling Immigration and Child Custody Battles

By Sheryl Rentz on February 20, 2009

On June 30, 2008, the LA Times featured an article about an unusual child custody battle between a Mexican national named Carlos Alvarado and his ex-wife, Marla Campo, a US citizen. Alvarado arrived on US soil in early 1990s and later met and courted Campo. In 1997, Campo gave birth to their son, Michael. The couple then split up a few years later. A court decreed that Campo would retain primary custody of Michael. However, in 2003, the situation dramatically changed when Campo absconded with their son because — she claimed — Alvarado was not paying his fair share of child support costs. The parents went back into family court, where a judge ruled that Campo and Alvarado had to share custody. Complicating this relatively ordinary seeming custody battle, however, was the fact that Alvarado was doing battle in another court — Immigration Court.


Both Campo and Alvarado have made peace since their battles in 2003, but the fact that both parties have since had children with other partners (Alvarado’s partner is a woman from Brazil here in the United States illegally) suggests that their issues won’t be simple to resolve — legally or emotionally.


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