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Child Custody for Fathers Shows Increase

By Sheryl Rentz on December 29, 2009

Anyone who has gone through a divorce and has children is likely to tell you that it takes a lot of heart and courage to fight for what is best for your child. Even when a parent does not receive primary physical custody for their child or children, obtaining visitation rights or joint custody are both very important issues of concern.

A recent article from the New York Times discusses a collection of articles from Working Mother Magazine that address a new and heightened tendency for fathers to be given custody of children over the children’s mothers. Interestingly, as more women have become primary earners in a marriage, more women have seen their husbands receive primary physical custody of their children when a divorce takes place. According to the article, there are approximately 2.2 million divorced women in the U.S. who did not obtain primary physical custody of their children during their custody hearings. Furthermore, at this point, about 50% of fathers who seek primary custody in such divorce cases are granted it.

As numerous social viewpoints about parenting shift, our standards evolve, and the economy fluctuates, the percentage of fathers granted primary custody will rise and will very likely continue increasing in the years to come. The article certainly raises the question as to whether a parent should be granted full custody based predominantly on the idea that the parent who works less is able to spend more time with the children. Consequently, the question as to whether or not the adage “the parent who works more, parents less” is actually true also arises, and needs to be carefully examined in a family court to determine if such an idea is truly in the best interest of the child.

Determining child custody is not taken lightly by either parents or the court system. In fact, there is much to take into consideration when deciding which parent should be granted primary physical custody. Both maintaining employment in order to provide financial support and being available to care for children are a few of the important factors taken into consideration in family law cases.

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