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Britney Spears Finalizes Child Custody Agreement With Ex-Husband

By Sheryl Rentz on July 31, 2008

Pop star Britney Spears and her child custody lawyer has finalized her much-publicized child custody settlement with ex-husband Kevin Federline, according to a recent news report. The article states that Spears will fork out a $5,000 a month increase in child support to Federline. Spears’ payments to her ex-husband will go from $15,000 to $20,000 a month, backdated to July 15. Spears has also agreed to pay Federline’s lawyers a single payment of $250,000. Earlier this month, both parties told the media that they had finally come to terms on child custody issues relating to the couple’s two young children.

Child custody is one of the most contentious, if not the most contentious issue, in a divorce. Finding an experienced divorce lawyer will help you save a lifetime of problems. It is always important to have your lawyer draw up a comprehensive settlement plan before filing your divorce papers, which can include a custody schedule. In Pennsylvania, there are two main types of child custody. There is legal custody, which means you have the right to make all decisions relating to your child’s upbringing. And then, there is physical custody, which dictates where your child can reside and when.

If you are dealing with a divorce and have children involved, you will be well-advised to obtain a custody order from a Pennsylvania court. The only way you can do this is by filing a successful legal pleading in family court.

If you or someone you know is involved in divorce, filing for child custody and needs assistance from a Pennsylvania child custody attorney, please call Sheryl R. Rentz for a free and completely confidential consultation. She has the knowledge and experience to handle child custody issues and will help protect your rights.

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