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Enforcing of Divorce Agreements in Montgomery County Pennsylvania

How Do I Enforce a Divorce Agreement?

If some agreement of a divorce is not legally followed there are several things the other spouse can do. The most important and useful thing that you can do is notify the presiding family court about the incident. If the enforcement is still not taking place contacting an experienced divorce lawyer can help you tremendously. Not only can your lawyer ensure that all aspects of the divorce agreement are followed through with but they can also create new stipulations based on the old behavior of the other spouse.

The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, PC has years of experience handling divorce cases. Sheryl R. Rentz is a member of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar Associations as well as the Montgomery County Bar Associations. With our extensive experience and contacts in the legal field we have often handled divorce cases where one spouse is not following through on their legally bound agreements. Contact us for a free evaluation.

What Can I Do When the Other Parent Violates a Custody Agreement in Pennsylvania?

If a parent is refusing to comply with the agreement of a custody settlement we can help as well. A full report and investigation must be made into the alleged infringement of custody issues. This may include the parent moving out of the state or country, the parent refusing to let the other visit or take the children or any other custody issue. In Pennsylvania, several requests can be legally filed with the court. If a parent still refuses to comply with the custody issue they face legal problems.

These problems can include jail time, legal fees, the change in the custody order, or the complete awarding of custody to one parent only. Custody rights and enforcing them are serious issues in the courts of Pennsylvania. The enactment of the Federal Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA) ensures that custody orders are on federal records. This act was passed in the hopes of stopping the rash of custody related abductions and parental kidnappings that were taking place.

What Happens When the Other Parent Fails to Pay Alimony or Child Support?

If the other party is failing to pay either alimony or child support they can be legally challenged and face significant problems as well. If any spouse fails to comply with any aspect of a divorce agreement in Montgomery County PA, the problems they face can be significant. Not only can all aspects of the agreement be reinstated and the person made to pay but the entire divorce agreement can be rewritten to reflect the unwillingness of the party to comply.

A Reliable Montgomery County Divorce Attorney

Because of the arbitrary and changing nature of divorce proceedings and contracts it may be wise to contact our offices. We can give free consultations on any enforcement issue or any divorce related problem that you are having. Since Pennsylvania has arbitrary laws it is never a wise decision to go into a divorce proceeding without legal help. Our law office has years of experience in Pennsylvania and the particular enforcement of agreements laws pertaining to divorce. Contact us today at (610) 645-0100 or (866) 290-9292 for a free consultation.

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