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Upper Dublin exploded after WWII - in population. What had been 6,000 residents on mostly farmland became a thriving township. With over 25,569 people present and accounted for in Upper Dublin as of 2010, that number keeps growing.

And why shouldn’t it? Upper Dublin Township boasts 600 acres of trails and parkland, cultural and recreation sites, and plenty of jobs in Fort Washington Office Park. It’s also located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, which was recently named the 23rd-happiest county in all the United States!

What makes it so happy? On the positive side, the study counted: the marriage rate, income ratio, life expectancy, and physical fitness. On the negative side: the poverty rate, unemployment rate, personal bankruptcy rate…and divorce rate were considered.

Only 5% of Upper Dublin residents are currently divorced, and 64% are married. That, no doubt, would increase happiness levels all around, if those marriages were always happy. But they aren’t, and divorce is a sometimes-necessary option.

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Upper Dublin Marriage and Divorce Statistics

In 2015, Pennsylvania had more than 72,000 marriages and 33,000 divorces or annulments. That’s the lowest rate of divorce since 1974! Think tanks attribute this to several factors, one being that women are waiting longer to get married.

Montgomery County reported 4,315 marriages and 1,665 divorces in the same year. Since 2010, divorces or annulments have come in at 40% of the number of marriages each year. That would seem to indicate a higher trend in divorce than officially reported; but perhaps it’s because the study does not account for previous marriages that ended in divorce.

At gross estimate, around 1,300 people currently hold the "divorced" status in Upper Dublin.

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Deciding Child Custody in Pennsylvania

Children should have first priority in a divorce proceeding. If the split is mutual or amicable, the parents can agree on a custody and visitation schedule and file it, along with their divorce complaint and other supporting documents. If they cannot agree, the family courts will decide for them, usually after psychological tests and other considerations.

There are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody involves decision-making in the child’s interest; physical custody determines where the child will live. Variations of these two types of custody include:

  • Temporary Custody: A short-term arrangement that is replaced by a more permanent custody order.
  • Sole Custody: Children reside with one parent who makes decisions about their upbringing; that parent has both legal and physical custody of the children.
  • Split Custody: Each parent has full physical custody of one or more children in a multi-child home. The Parent Trap movie provides a perfect example of split custody: Mom took one child, Dad took another, and each was responsible for that child legally.
  • Joint or Partial Custody: Most common. It comes in three flavors:
    • Joint legal custody: Child has one residence, and parents share decision-making.
    • Shared physical custody: Child has two residences, and parents share decision-making.
    • Combination of both

In Pennsylvania, even if one parent is awarded sole physical custody, the courts will rarely award all decision-making to that parent. The non-custodial parent is often allowed to give input on major decisions, provided that he or she is a fit parent.

The parent who is awarded more than 50% custody has the right to file for child support from the non-custodial parent. Child support is filed through the Office of Domestic Affairs in Montgomery County’s Court of Common Pleas, Family Matters division.

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Divorce Resources for Upper Dublin

Court Information

Montgomery County Courthouse
Court of Common Pleas
Family Division
2 E. Airy St,
Norristown, PA 19404
(610) 278-3224

Pennsylvania divorce forms

Montgomery County Court’s family matters overview

Montgomery County Court’s mediators

Montgomery County’s Domestic Violence Legal Network

Montgomery County child abuse guide

Montgomery County Bar Association’s custody resource manual

Upper Dublin’s Police resources links

Support Groups and Divorce Resources

Women’s Resource Center

Divorce Support for Men near Fort Washington

Meetups near Upper Dublin

School and Day Care

Day Care Centers near Fort Washington

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Upper Dublin Divorce and Child Custody Attorney Sheryl R. Rentz

In Upper Dublin, the mission is "to work with each other and the community to make Upper Dublin the best place to live, work, and play," according to the Township.

Sometimes the best way for you to live, work, and play is to continue on your own path, separate from your spouse. Not every relationship is perfect. When it’s time to end things legally, Upper Dublin family law attorney Sheryl R. Rentz can help.

The Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, P.C., specializes in difficult divorce and child custody cases. We handle all types of domestic issues, including alimony, annulment, bankruptcy, child custody and support, mediation, asset division, and more. Call (610) 645-0100 for a free consultation with an experienced Montgomery County divorce and child custody attorney.

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