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Plymouth Meeting may sound like something having to do with the good ship Mayflower and her pilgrims; but according to the United States, it’s a location - a census-designated place with a large portion in Plymouth Township and a little piece in Whitemarsh Township.

And it was settled by Quakers who sailed over on the good ship Desire! With a proud history of Revolutionary battles and anti-slavery activists, Plymouth Meeting has almost 6,000 residents and is full of parkland and recreation areas. It’s a wonderful place to live and work.

Of course, one of local artist Thomas Hovenden’s most famous paintings shows the sadness of a family when "Breaking Home Ties." Let’s talk about what happens in divorce, and how to keep children safe.

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Divorce in Plymouth Meeting

Divorced status on the Main Line isn’t too common - that is to say, the people who get divorced don’t stay divorced for long. Today, a little over 10% of Plymouth Meeting’s residents are divorced or separated.

In order to divorce in Pennsylvania, you must be currently living in Pennsylvania. There is no longer a six-month residency requirement before filing, though your residency will come into play for custody issues. For Plymouth Meeting, you’d submit paperwork through the Montgomery County court system.

Your spouse does not need to live in Pennsylvania to be served with a divorce complaint here. If you have been separated for more than two years, the family courts consider it an "irretrievable breakdown" of the marriage and will grant the divorce, unless reconciliation seems possible. Then, the court may order counseling.

In cases of "fault" divorce - when one spouse claims the other has caused the ruin of the relationship by cheating, abuse, abandonment, or cruel treatment - things can get ugly fast. It’s vital to have an experienced Montgomery County divorce attorney who is familiar with local rules and can protect you and your children.

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Helping Children Cope with Divorce

When there are children involved in the breakdown of a marriage, they are innocent victims who must be protected. Child custody is a big issue that the Pennsylvania courts will decide in the child’s best interests, if the parents cannot come to an agreement.

If at all possible, bite the bullet and work with your soon-to-be-ex on a custody and visitation plan. Pennsylvania considers both parents vital for a child’s development, and will try to determine such an outcome anyway. Don’t leave a stranger in control of your children’s fate.

But if agreement is not possible, here are some common-sense tips to help your custody case.

  1. Pay attention to your child. Make sure you’re meeting his needs and active in his life. Address his concerns and explain what’s happening without burdening him with details about the drama.
  2. Be polite to your spouse. Show that you’re the bigger person, and behave as though the courts were watching. They will be. Don’t post negative things online, and keep your bad opinions private from most of the world. Plus, your child is half your ex-spouse. What does it say to him if you bad-mouth his parent openly?
  3. Keep records. If there are any troubling incidents between your child and spouse, gather evidence. Record proof of who was taking care of your child, when, and how. Find unbiased witnesses in the form of therapists or counselors to help you prove what’s best for your child.

Most importantly, listen to your attorney’s advice. She’s done this before, knows all the rules, and she will be working hard to get you the best custody plan possible. A good Plymouth Meeting family law lawyer cares deeply about children and their welfare, and will give you emotional support and the plain facts for a realistic outcome to your case.

Attorney Sheryl R. Rentz serves all of Montgomery County, including Plymouth Meeting. If you need a compassionate team to listen to your needs and guide your case through the divorce proceedings, call the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, P.C., today.

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