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Defining Relationships That Can Result In Palimony Payments

By Sheryl Rentz on June 24, 2008

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled on the question of palimony and when it is deemed ‘appropriate’ in the eyes of the law. The court ruled that two people don’t have to live together for one to receive palimony when the relationship ends. Specifically, the court determined that living together is not essential, rather, “it is the promise to support, expressed or implied, coupled with a marital-type relationship, that are the indispensable elements to support a valid claim for palimony.

The court rejected the bid of a woman to collect from a married man with whom she had a 20 year affair, finding they did not have a marital-type relationship. The pair was found to have more of a ‘dating relationship’, since they didn’t share housing, finances or property or ever present themselves as a couple in public. The ruling was made despite the fact that during the affair, the man promised to divorce his spouse and even have a child with the woman he was having the affair.

Undoubtedly, this question will be debated in state courts throughout the country. As each state decides when and where the confines of a ‘marital type’ relationship are defined, the need for a competent divorce attorney will become even greater. Sheryl R. Rentz, divorce law attorney, has offices in Pennsylvania. We offer a free consultation regarding any divorce related matter. We have years of experience dealing with Pennsylvania law when it comes to the issue of divorce and alimony.

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